kalter trading e.u.

wabi sabi for all!

hello and welcome. kalter trading is a viennese trading business that buys and sells things that are specifically developed and chosen to accommodate the sensual, haptical and conceptual requirements of people with autism, adhd and similar sensitivities.

our main focus lies on purposeful reduction of over-stimulation through the use of natural and resilient materials, clear design and manifold usability. the interaction with objects and the world in general is often already aggravated by the properties and functions of many things that we engage with or have around us in our day-to-day lives. many of those invisible and hard-to-grasp barriers we encounter daily and in our own homes lead to a never fully receding background noise of over-stimulation, and with that, to a high base stress level - adding even more challenges and strain.

apart from real things, we also deal in concepts, ideas, patterns and puzzles - anything that fosters and supports the engagement with the world and one self: from fidgeters and cultural techniques up to applied mediation of knowledge and the advancement of critical thinking.

as fundamentally humanistically oriented business, we stand for ethical economics that strives towards making a positive impact, strengthening diversity opposing widely spread monoculture and curiosity and thirst of knowledge as guiding principles for a better world.

kalter trading runs the puzzlegrass.store online and is part of the project series right planet. note that there is no physical shop located at the company address.

kalter trading e.u.
wilhelm-exner-gasse 11
1090 vienna · austria

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