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kalter trading e.u.
wilhelm-exner-gasse 11/21
1090 vienna · austria

owner: irene rittler
fn 541492 m · commercial court of vienna

member of the chamber of commerce vienna, the viennese board of ecommerce and common trade as well as the vienna carpenter's guild.

registered free mercantile trade (33141862). plaything producer (33142029). profession governed according to industrial code. district authority of the 9th district, vienna.

in case of any questions and comments, contact us via email or by post.

all content, texts and images on this website, if not otherwise stated, are the property of kalter trading.

data policy

on this website, we collect no user-specific data and neither are we sharing it with third parties. this website is hosted at an austrian server and adheres to the data protection standards of the european union. meta-data necessarily obtained in order to ensure the working of the site are terminated regularely and are never personal in nature or used as such. this website does not utilize any trackers that follow your activities all over the internet. this is also the reason you don't have to disregard a "cookie note" when using this site. you are welcome!

in case of further questions regarding data we may have of you and what happens with it, please contact the data protection officer of the company, rena ka, at

dispute resolution

if you feel the need to argue with us, best contact us directly. otherwise, you can also use the online dispute resolution plattform of the european union.